In today world, comfortable has become synonimous with all that looked and touched. For centuries, Indonesian peoples have used and made furniture and interior to be parts of comfortable it self. The nature provide more than only gifts from earth; art and culture enriched the creation purposing comfortable, it looks by design and finishing within function and usable.

Living in eastern culture in truly polite and religious, combine with western habits which working hard in dicipline, state our company in a best enviroment. Working hard, dicipline, commited, and high respect to the God.

Through on going research and enduring commitment to buyer, company, and employee; MUGIHARJO proud to show our products againts the other ones as the highest quality woodworking furniture.


MUGIHARJO has been established since 1998 in Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia; the place, where always supply the best oldwood as well as the main material for the products.
Start from home industri which beginning from enthusiasmn of young man, who wants to make furniture in better quality.

The bussines going well through each years and then in year 2000 we built a factory at Located in the Dk. Kantongan RT 01/ RW 04, Kelurahan Kragilan, Kecamatan Mojosongo, Kabupaten Boyolali 57323, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Central Java, Indonesia.


We consist to reach to be the number one with fast, exact, and efficient work frame.
We never weary to improve and perfecting activity of work to get our goal to be the number in the same level furniture manufactures and aim to prosperous Indonesian people.


Clean, orderly, and safe. Basic in Eastern culture which are respectfully to the nature, we always work with cleanly environment, orderly result, and safe ways.


1. Product Assurance
We understand clearly that quality is very important for your bussines, your customer as well as continuous of our bussines.
– MUGIHARJO starts production process with Quality Control Officer, from the begining of production; log sourcing untill packing management into container.
– We value your money equal to product with your compliment. Your budget will equivalent to the product, but never afraid about the quality and strenght.
– Our skilled worker has welltrained to make product in a big range, follow to our collection or your design. Expert in wood character including handling it.

2. Social Economic
MUGIHARJO are fully committed to our responsible bussines. We work continuously on the social economic and enviroment improvement through the ring of chain.
– native people are priority in recruitment, training and motivation regulary given to young callow, one of good contributions to the local community
– employees salarys are fair, respectfully to minimum regional salary which has stated by goverment
– safe and dicipline working circumstances, because we produce furniture by fast machine, then this situation have to maintain continuously.
– MUGIHARJO has completed in legal document.
– fair to the tax and duty.

3. Enviroment
As a subject in woodworking bussines MUGIHARJO concern about enviroment liabilities that we have to pay to the earth.
– MUGIHARJO use and only use legal wood for all over production process and material
– The wood have to known the source and it legality.
– All purchasing and employing wood has been recorded and balance use.
– Re- value in use waste material and recycling program
– Pay back the 10% from our nett profit to the nature. By collaboration with local institution, we replant the mountside forest which damaged of Merapi erruption in 2010.